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Norway Exports gives you an overview of leading Norwegian exporters as well as information about sectors, regions & trends.

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The NORWAY EXPORTS series provide timely in-depth information on a selection of Norwegian companies, products and services in the biggest Norwegian sectors. NORWAY EXPORTS is distributed free of charge through the Norwegian foreign service missions (see inside back cover), at major conferences and trade fairs around the world. For participation in or more information about NORWAY EXPORTS, please contact Media Digital AS, tel: +47 21 62 78 00 or send an enquiry to All NORWAY EXPORTS publications can be downloaded at The graphic design of this publication, including the font "Aeroportal", is used with the permission of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is not to be used without the Ministry's prior consent. Copyright © 2016 Media Digital AS NORWAY EXPORTS is printed on chlorine-free paper. Cover: Johan Wildhagen / Norwegian Seafood Council. Vol.2016 No. 1 ISSN 0029-3628 Published April 2016 by Media Digital AS Dronningens gate 3, NO-0152 Oslo, Norway Tel: +47 21 62 78 00 E-mail: Website: Editor-in-Chief Edmund Mongstad Marketing Director Kathrine Friis Schjetne Project Manager Britt Elin Skutlaberg Sales Manager Bjørnar Hansen Contributing Editor Inge Lundereng Contributing Journalists Valeria Criscione Layout Fernando del Valle Bravo Sales and Project Manager Mehreen Khan Design Blanke Ark Graphic Production Media Digital AS N O RD I C E C O L AB E L 541 787 Printed matter facts: Norway in Brief Kingdom of Norway 385,186 sq. km Population 5 213 985 (2015) Main Cities (2015) Population Oslo 647 676 Bergen 275 112 Trondheim 184 960 Stavanger 132 102 Exchange Rate NOK/USD 8,07 (Average 2015) NOK/EUR 8,95 (Average 2015) Exports and Imports (2015) NOK billion USD billion Total Exports 847 105 Total Imports 614 76 Main Export Commodities Petroleum and petroleum products, fi sh and fi sh products, machinery and equipment, metals, chemicals, ships. Main Import Commodities Machinery and equipment, chemicals, metals, textile products The Government Pension Fund As of year-end 2014, the market value of the Government Pension Fund Norway was NOK 6,400 billion. This was an increase of NOK 1,400 billion over the course of 2014. Distribution Our publications are distributed worldwide. Norway Exports are handed out at exhibitions, conferences, Norwegian embassies, chambers of commerce and other field offices. The publications can also be ordered from our website. Norway Exports is distributed worldwide through industry partners or own presence. We often hand out Norway Exports at our own stand or as part of the Norwegian pavilion. Companies & Cooperative Partners Norway Exports, through its network of contacts, reaches people in positions of power in international companies. Each edition is distributed further directly to companies within each sector. SHARE OF NORWAY'S EXPORT OF GOODS (2014) Source: Statistics Norway

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